Ropes and Splicing

Ropes are an essential part of boating but some times it can be hard working out what you need. We Stock English Braids Ropes which offer some of the best performing ropes on the market for almost any application.

A new service that we are proud to offer is the splicing of our supplied rope including 3 strand, Chain braid and Braid on braid. This can offer you seamless eyes on the end of your ropes to suit any application form mooring lines to halyards. Our Staff are English Braids Certified and trained to carry out these splices

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Winter is Fast approaching

is your boat fully equipped to last out the winter storms. The time is now to make sure that all your ropes are in good working order to make sure they will last and keep your boat safe for the winter. 

We can offer great deals on making up replacement mooring lines and fenders Please come in or give us a ring to see what we can offer.