1/Boat Owner DIY Package

We Offer: Quick flexible and hassle-free hoisting, great facilities and chandlery.

Owner DIY or M&G can assist with any jobs required.

  • 14 days half price ground rent
  • 14 days half price yacht cradle hire.
  • 20% off hoisting.
  • M&G Sole commercial contractor.
  • July to end of Sept 2017

3/Weed and slime slows you down!

Burn more miles not more fuel, sail faster and better with a clean hull.

One hour: Hoist out, pressure wash, Inspection and time for minor works.

Priced by foot 20ft to 80ft      Now also includes RIBS as well!

20ft    £78             35ft    £185           50ft    £304           65ft    £416

25ft    £114            40ft    £220           55ft    £342           70ft    £454

30ft    £149           45ft     £256           60ft    £380          75ft    £491


5/M&G Boat Spring Cleaning Packages

  • Hoist out.
  • Pressure wash.
  • Clean stern gear.
  • Hull clean, polish (and cut if required).
  • Superstructure clean, polish (and cut if required).
  • Clean and polish stainless steel rails and fittings.
  • 10% off antifouling work & AF paint.
  • 20% off hoisting.
  • 10 days free ground rent.
  • 10 days free cradle hire.
  • M&G sole commercial contractor.
  • July to end of Sept 2017

2/Pressure Wash Antifouling & Anode Change Package

We Offer: pressure wash, antifouling application, anode change, stern gear clean, plus clean and polish if required, normally within five days.

  • 10% off antifouling work & AF Paint
  • 20% off Hoisting
  • 10 days free ground rent
  • 10 days free cradle hire
  • July to end of Sept 2017
  • M&G Sole commercial contractor.

4/ Antifouling Removal and Hull recoat packages

Our Packages:

  • ·         Abrasive blast, pressure wash & de-grease.
  • ·         Epoxy re-coating and antifoul application or Coppercoat packages.
  • ·         Other works undertaken as required.
  • ·         Work undertaken from July to end of Nov 2017.
  • ·         Relaunch on completion or relaunch in Spring 2018

Boat Cleaning Afloat

We can also offer boat cleaning and polishing services afloat on your mooring to either get your boat cleaned up for the season or on a regular basis eg monthly if required.

Please call to discuss.


Boat Care

If you would like us to check your boat over on a regular basis while you are away or winter only, or all year round we can tailor a package for you.

For any of the above please give John, Andy, Alexander or Allan a call or pop in and discuss any of the above

Tel 01481 243048, email Boatyard@mge.gg  www.mge.gg , Find us on Facebook.